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Bawdsey Radar

2017 - November Meeting

(Account courtesy of Malcolm Stafford)


Ms Mary Wain of The Bawdsey Trust on Bawdsey & Radar:  gave us all a very informative talk about the development of radio location at Bawdsey Manor, 

after The Manor and 168 acres of land was purchased from The Quilter Family by The Air Ministry for  £ 24,000 in 1936.


We learnt how The Boffins at Bawdsey, under Superintendent Robin Watson-Watt, designed and installed aircraft and tracking stations called “Chain Homes“  along our eastern and southern coast, providing vital advance warning of approaching enemy aircraft during World War 2.


Mary explained that The American Navy in 1940 called the system RADAR, short for Radio Detection and Ranging and it has been called that ever since.


We all very much enjoyed the talk.