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When pirates rules the waves

2017 - ​September & October Meetings

(Account courtesy of Malcolm Stafford)


​After a hearty lunch on Tuesday 19th September all of us were absorbed by a very interesting presentation by Mr. Richard Walker, about the arrival of a black ship with a tall forward mast which had anchored at Wallet Channel off Jacobs Ladder Felixstowe at 0700 hrs on Good Friday 27th March 1964.

This ship, named after the daughter of The President the United States, was to change the face of British broadcasting forever and officially started beaming popular music the following day.

Richard went on to explain that the arrival of the m.v. “Caroline” started a influx of such ships being anchored all around the British coast, broadcasting Radio Stations with names such as North Sea International, Capital, Mi Amigo, London, 270, Scotland and City.

Our next speaker on the 17th October was the ever popular local military historian David Hedges about the work of The Durand Group, of which he is the Honorary Secretary. David explained that The Durand Group are opening up tunnels and trenches built during the First World War and gave us all a very interesting insight into what has been found,  which kept us all spellbound.

At the next we will be given a presentation by Mary Wain about Bawdsey and the development of Radar which promises to be very
interesting "